Saturday, 31 December 2011

Oh to be skinny

This year I ought to be pleased.  The xmas photos were not bad.  No overhang, a nice haircut, not bad at all.  However, the desire to be THINNER has not gone away.  In fact, it may have gotten worse.

Now, I've lost a stone since last winter.  I was 10,4 and now I am 9.5.
But now I just want to be 8 stone something.  There's just no pleasing some people.

I tried on some old Levi's recently which normally are considered TINY and got them up and over my bum and even done up - with some effort...however a bunch of fat spilled out over the the misision is not yet complete.

Xmas has been great compared to say 2 years ago where my partner bought me a Wii to as he put it "lose a few pounds'....the Wii has hardly been touched, despite purchasing zumba fitness and never using it.

Xmas has been great though, in every photo I can safely say I don't look fat!  All that dieting this year has been worth it.  

I wonder if I will reach my goal of losing another stone by the time I am 40?  Would be great to have a figure of a teenager for that big 40....